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Red Yeast Rice

While Red Yeast Rice may not be as effective as most conventional statin drugs (Cholesterol Medications), several studies have shown good evidence that Red Yeast Rice can significantly lower total and bad cholesterol (LDL).  This makes it a good alternative for people who cannot tolerate cholesterol medications or who could benefit from a slight lowering of their cholesterol.

While there is no recommended dosage for Red Yeast Rice, some studies have used a dosage of 1,200 milligram capsules twice a day with food.

Side effects of this supplement are pretty mild.It may cause headaches or upset stomach in some cases.People taking cholesterol medication, certain antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs, protease inhibitors (for HIV), or drugs that suppress the immune system should not take this supplement.  Also, don't consume more than two alcoholic drinks a day with Red Yeast Rice and avoid grapefruits and related products.