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Bee Pollen

What’s the real “BUZZ” about bee pollen?

In the recent years, we all have probably heard, read, or seen information regarding the new magical food that’s sweeping the world. Bee Pollen has been in existence in the world for centuries, and has been used in many cultures for medical remedies, nutrition, and wellness. It comes from the pollen that collects on the bodies of bees.  It is not the same as natural honey, honeycomb, or bee venom.
Bee Pollen definetley is not lacking in nutrients.  Bee Pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, carbs, and fatty acids.  It essentially has all the nutrients a life needs to survive, but each one can have a huge individual impact on your health and fitness goals!

What impact does Bee Pollen have on your fitness goals?

Fat Loss Supplement

Bee Pollen is often used as a fat loss supplement due to it stimulating the metabolism to burn more calories.

Energy Booster

Get a boost of energy the natural way!  B-Vitamins are an essential way for you to receive that energy you need to get through your workouts and day! Athletes from amateurs to professionals have used Bee Pollen to increase their energy, endurance, and overall performance during physical activity.

Live longer! Live healthier!

You want to live longer?  It is said that Bee pollen promotes longevity!  Energy is not the only benefit.  All the nutrients that are jam packed in Bee Pollen boost the immune system, which promotes healthier living.  Fighting allergies? Bee pollen has been used by people to suppress allergies and improve a healthier well-being.

There are some risks associated with Bee Pollen to consider.  Pregnant women should stay away from Bee Pollen altogether.  Also, if you are allergic to pollen, you may want to avoid this supplement.  As with many other supplements, it may be a good idea to cycle on and off for weeks at a time and consulting your doctor before taking any supplement is always good idea.

Other than that, to receive the benefits from Bee pollen, incorporate the recommended dosage for daily use, and start to enjoy a healthier, longer, more energetic life, while feeding your body with all the essential nutrients it needs to survive.