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Glutamine is an amino acid that is used more than any other amino acid in the body and is a great supplement for overall health, muscle building, and even fat loss.

For athletes and bodybuilders, glutamine provides many benefits.It helps with protein synthesis, which increases muscle mass, helps glycogen accumulation in the muscle, and lowers cortisone levels which causes muscle atrophy.Unstable glutamine levels may actually lead to muscle breakdown.

Several benefits of Glutamine include:

  1. Increase in protein synthesis
  2. Decreased muscle recovery time
  3. Help replenish glycogen levels
  4. Boost immune system
  5. Stabilize blood sugar
  6. Decrease sugar cravings
  7. Helps the heart function
  8. Maintains the health and functioning of the stomach lining
  9. Helps heal wounds
  10. Used in hospitals on burn patients
  11. Helps maintain proper acid/alkaline balance
  12. Increases skin elasticity
  13. Helps prevent muscle wasting

Glutamine is a very popular post-workout supplement.Many bodybuilders consume between 5 and 10 grams after a workout, and up to 20 grams of Glutamine a day.