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Tricep Workouts

Tricep Workouts

When you want to increase muscle mass and shape your upper arm muscles you’ll want to try tricep workouts.  Tricep workouts are among the most commonly requested workouts at fitness centers. 

There are many different exercises that can be done to improve triceps.  Tricep workouts are designed to add muscle as well as tone muscle in the upper arms.  No matter what your current level of fitness is you can do some exercises to improve your triceps.

Tricep workouts are created specifically for each individual.  The exercises as well as the number of repetitions will vary based on your current upper arm strength.  A fitness instructor or personal trainer will assist you in developing the workout that will work best for you.

There are a number of tricep workouts that can be done.  It is usually a good idea to mix up the exercises from time to time.  This helps to work muscles in different ways.  Some of the most common tricep workouts include bench dips, rope or cable push-downs, dips, seated tricep dumbbell extensions, lying down tricep extensions and dumbbell kickbacks.

To learn more about these and other tricep workouts visit a reputable online site such as  The best way to learn how to perform tricep workouts outside of the gym is to view videos online.  These videos demonstrate exactly how to perform the exercises properly. 

When doing weight training it is essential that you work all the muscles evenly.  The result should be a well defined body all over.  The triceps are one area that are usually only partially worked during standard workout routines.  To properly work the triceps you will need to pay attention to exercises that target all areas.

You’ll also want to include exercises that makes you use the muscles in different ways.  Many times you’ll get into an exercise rut and simply keep doing the same few exercises during each routine.  To mix it up you can add new exercises to renew your tricep workouts. 

To find some additional tricep workouts look online at  Here you’ll find the essential tricep exercises you need.  They are demonstrated with a qualified personal trainer so you can see exactly how to perform the movements properly.

Using workout videos at home to add to your tricep workouts is like having your own personal trainer at your own home.  Best of all you can easily view the videos at any time you like. No matter when or where you’re working out you can easily learn the correct moves of tricep workouts.

In addition to tricep workouts Instructional Fitness also offers a complete array of videos to address all areas of your workout routine.  You’ll find a lot of expert advice and will find some new exercises to add to your routine.  You can also find nutritional information designed to assist those who are working on building muscles.  There is also information about supplements that can be taken to add to your workout experience.  Tricep workouts and other workouts can be viewed online at


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