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Getting a Fast Metabolism

Getting a Fast Metabolism

We have all seen the skinny people who can eat anything they want but never gain a single pound.  They often say that they wish they could gain weight, and those of us who have no trouble gaining weight can never understand the problem.  We would love to be able to eat a cheeseburger for lunch and then have a large dinner without worrying about gaining a single ounce of fat.  The reason they can accomplish this amazing feat of weight control is because they have a fast metabolism.

The secret to getting your own fast metabolism is to start using weight lifting routines to increase your muscle mass.  Weight lifting exercises the muscles of your body and can allow your body to burn calories faster.  The faster you burn calories, the faster your metabolism will become, allowing you to eat more food without the danger of your body trying to store the food as fat.

Many people who are new to exercise will often try several different weight lifting routines before they decide on one that is best for their fitness level.  To get a fast metabolism, it may be best to start by looking at workout videos online.  These videos usually have recommendations for fitness levels and requirements you need before the routine can be incorporated into your daily life.

If you are new to trying workout videos online, then you may want to start with simple weight lifting.  Many of these routines will allow you to achieve a fast metabolism without spending a fortune on gym fees or equipment.  They will use common household items that many of us already have in our homes.  One example of a good weight routine is to use something that weighs around 10 or 15 pounds, like two bags of flour, and performing squats while holding them against your chest.

This simple exercise needs to be performed with the correct posture, but by using food items, you will increase the resistance than if you just performed the squats and allowed gravity to provide all your resistance.  Using gravity will increase your metabolism but using a weight will help you achieve the fast metabolism you desire.  Even if you cannot find an item that weights a specific amount, you can purchase a small set of dumbbells for less than $20 at most department stores.

If using a workout routine is something you have tried before, then you may want to look at a dietary supplement.  These usually contain essential amino acids which will help your body process fat and carbohydrates, the two substances found in food that your body will convert into fat cells.  These supplements are usually high in protein, the one substance that your body will require to increase muscle mass and thus increase metabolism.

One of the best places to find a workout that will give you the fast metabolism your body needs is Instructional Fitness.  They carry a complete line of workout videos as well as a full array of dietary supplements.  Please visit them on the internet at for more information.


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