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Joe Tong

Joe Tong

Joe Tong is a certified personal trainer and a registered nurse. He is also considered one of the worlds elite bodybuilders, and is a highly sought after personal trainer, dietologist, nutrition expert and fitness consultant. Joe has been featured not only for his commanding physique, but also for his extensive knowledge, in many bodybuilding and health related magazines and articles including: Flex Magazine, Ironman Magazine, and

Joe founded Future Health and Fitness, an exclusive personal training company that developed personalized nutrition and training programs for professional athletes, entertainers and diplomats.
Recognized throughout the world not only as a competitive bodybuilder, but also a fitness expert, Joe personally developed and implemented a personal training certification program for fitness trainers and college students majoring in exercise science in Southeast Asia. This training program is currently being used country wide in Thailand.

Joe Co-developed the PhysiqueRX system which offers individual one-on-one and group training as well as online programs specializing in not only fitness and nutrition regiments, but also cosmetic procedures and anti-aging therapy.

An expert in nutritional supplements, Joe designs personal diet programs for some of the worlds top bodybuilders, and works closely with John Scott CEO of John Scott’s Nitro Supplements, and Anthony Almada CEO of Gener8.

At the 2008 Muscle Beach contest in Venice California Joe toped the heavyweight division, and took first place overall. After winning in California, Joe became a contributing editor for and co-owner of

In 2009, Joe placed third in the Heavyweight division at the Maters Nationals held in Pittsburg. Since then he has been featured in several photo shoots, completed a training video and is preparing for the 2011 Bodybuilding Nationals.

Joe is currently a registered nurse in both California and Hawaii, and holds several advanced certifications including cardiac intensive care. He has over two decades experience in the fitness and nursing fields and continues to practice nursing despite his high demand as a trainer and nutritionalist.