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Instructional Fitness

Instructional Fitness was conceived by Certified Personal Trainer and competitive body builder Joe Tong, and fitness enthusiast and cancer survivor Peter Mikhail.
Peter was inspired by his transformation and approached Joe about creating a fitness website that would help you reach your fitness goals.  Joe shared the same passion and together they created!

Since that time, the team has seen the addition of IFBB Pro/Spokesperson Sherlyn Roy and bodybuilding legend and world class trainer Charles Glass!  Charles has trained top professional bodybuilders, athletes and celebrities for a number of years and now brings his workout routines to Premium Members of

Whether your goal is weight loss or building muscle, our mission is to help you reach your fitness goals.  Instructional Fitness can be used to obtain valuable information on Nutrition and Supplements. It's also a powerful tool in locating a Gym or Personal Trainer that fits your needs. 

Our Premium Membership provides members with daily workout routines based on their goal of building muscle or weight loss, their gender and level of experience.  Charles Glass designs these routines to give everyone the best outcome possible.

You may also find a local personal trainer or a gym that suits your needs by visiting our Personal Trainer Finder and Gym Finder.

Our mission is to make fitness easy for you. We are committed to enhancing our site’s offerings to meet your goals of fitness, nutrition, and shopping needs through our marketplace.